Choosing an instructor versus choosing a school…

Real estate exams, while designed to test your knowledge of the real estate industry, are not as difficult as most people think…  …as long as you are PREPARED.  The process of studying for the exams can be very overwhelming, especially if you do not have a skilled instructor — or perhaps no instructor at all.

BRILLIANT Education was founded in 2014 by Nick Butzirus a resident and native of Central Illinois.  BRILLIANT Education is a fully licensed real estate school, and a supplier of quality instructors for various other schools in Illinois, including many branches of Illinois REALTORS® Licensing and Training Center.

Nick’s goal is to not only make it easier for interested parties to gain the necessary knowledge to pass Illinois real estate licensing exams with CONFIDENCE, but also to inject a strong sense of ‘right and wrong’ into the course, ensuring that our students will be the BEST agents in the industry!  Additionally, Nick works hard to ensure that current real estate practitioners absorb and understand all of the information that they need, in order to earn their required continuing education (CE) credits.

Continuing Education courses can be taken online, fairly easily. However, when it comes to Pre-License and Post-License courses… Home study courses sound easy, until you wind up pulling your hair out.  Students of home study courses have very limited access to professional help.  Live courses allow for student-instructor interaction, as well as student-student interaction.  When one person asks a question, the entire class gets to hear the answer and the explanation that goes along with it.  Live courses provide many advantages to students, but none are as important as the real-world examples that only an EXPERIENCED instructor can share, furthering the student’s ability to grasp the concepts being covered.  With expertly guided live instruction, you can rest assured that you will have a firm understanding of the course material.

We can all agree that providing QUALITY education with INTEGRITY is paramount.  Nick’s secondary goal is to ensure that our real estate courses are AFFORDABLE.  We provide our instruction services for various schools throughout the state of Illinois, and we only do so at schools that are willing to meet our strict learning environment standards and share our belief that affordability is very important!

The OLD WAY, of picking a school and then getting stuck with whichever instructor they hired, was good for the school, and bad for the students.  The NEW WAY, of picking an experienced instructor and taking a course at whichever school they are teaching at, is much, much better for the students.  Everyone knows that the INSTRUCTOR is the most important factor in any educational experience.

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